​Ethical Recruitment

Recruitment in our part of the world has a fairly bad reputation.It is often considered a business where companies promise what they cannot deliver, where people conceal or exaggerate the truth, and act only in self-interest with candidates. Stories from candidates about deceit are fairly common. Job orders from companies are often sold onwards to other companies and/or sub-agents. Candidates are charged astronomical fees for recruitment even in cases where the client is paying for the visa and mobilization. Most of what companies do on a daily basis is illegal and unethical but in this part of the world, they have managed to do it for years and may continue doing it for many more.

Why do they do it? Most of them don’t have the expertise to manage client’s expectations so they want to rake in whatever they can and as soon as they can. There’s also the greed of making five times the money in the first job order rather than making it over five job orders and working 5 times harder.

Legend International Services has managed to maintain an untarnished reputation for 40 years and we consider it our foremost priority to never compromise on the values and ethics that were instilled in the organization when it was founded in 1976.

1. Following the law: Though the Emigration bylaws in Pakistan are outdated, they give considerable protection to the candidate and at the preliminary step, we follow the law.

2. Transparency: We consider it our obligation to be transparent with our clients as well as the candidates. We will never exaggerate the salary or their savings. We have a thorough understanding on the costs involved in living in different cities / countries in the GCC and we give candidates a very accurate estimate of their potential savings.

3. A favour for a favour: It is very common in the recruitment industry in South East Asia to extend favours to the representatives of the client to get more selections and manipulate the selection. We have heard of instances where the representatives of the clients are coerced into accepting gifts / favours. This is so common that most agencies consider it as part of their marketing expense. Besides them clearly violating the law and the primary principals of ethical recruitment, this leads to representatives of the company being obligated to select candidates that would yield maximum benefit to the agencies rather than hiring the most productive and deserving candidates. Naturally, any expenses incurred are levied on the candidates. Legend International Services extends maximum hospitality and respect to the representatives of our clients but we draw a very clear line to not extend or take any unwarranted favours.

4. Sub-agents: Recruiters are often based in the major cities and are often unable to attract candidates from rural areas. Hence, recruitment agencies work with sub-agents to recruit potential employees from villages in remote areas. Sub-agents extract additional unauthorized fees from the candidates by overcommitting the remuneration and their activities are almost impossible to regulate. Low education among the un-skilled and semi-skilled applicants and inaccessibility to reach the recruitment agencies builds a position of trust towards sub-agents. Legend International Services doesn’t work with any sub-agents – are candidates apply directly to us through our regional offices. Having been in the business for 40 years and having recruited several thousand Pakistanis while upholding our ethics and values, we are a preferred source for overseas jobs amongst many Pakistanis whose friends & families can attest to our credibility.

5. Manipulation: Our Recruitment team is oriented to never manipulate a candidate’s experience and always present their experience to the best of their knowledge. Our recruiters also guide candidates to create an HONEST resume.

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