Visa Processing and Mobilization Division

Our Documentation, Orientation & Mobilization Division works towards candidates that are proceeding for overseas employment. Most overseas organizations do not give due diligence when appointing an agency to process and mobilize candidates on their behalf. However, Legend International feels that it is extremely important for organizations to realize the importance of extending their representation to an agency, some fundamentals reasons for this are:

For the hired candidate/s, the appointed agency is the first representation of the hiring Organization. From the candidate’s perspective, a premier organization would employ a premier agency. There have been some instances where Legend International has known top/middle management candidates have stopped the mobilization process and declined the organization’s offer due to irresponsible agencies.

For most organizations, the turnaround time for mobilization can often be extremely important. Premier agencies that have a clean record with the Embassies and the Government Offices and are accustomed to processing hundreds of cases each year are able to efficiently process candidates in a timely manner.

Premier agencies usually have a big team and they have the resources to keep their knowledgebase continually updated. Quite often, we are faced with unusual circumstances and are required to work around them – with a big and highly experienced team in our Overseas Documentation Division, Legend International is able to identify a solution to these hindrances.

Keeping the client updated on the status of their selected or nominated candidates is a vital part of the mobilization process but extremely cumbersome and time consuming. Legend International does not burden our clients and acquire all the up-to-date information for them and keep them updated through a bi-weekly status report.

For companies intending to recruit a large number of candidates, premier agencies are able to offer orientation programs whereby one of the team members will learn about your organization and give an orientation to all candidates that are to be mobilized. This way the candidates will join your organization with complete information about your organization and its policies.

Thought its own licensed (License No. 0089/KAR 2010-12) office in Pakistan and through leading Partner offices in the entire region, Legend International offers clients complete Overseas Documentation, Orientation & Mobilization services and relief from appointing multiple agencies. We are a one-stop solution whereby all your recruitment, documentation, visa processing and mobilization activities are fulfilled through our office and we liaise with all the sub-offices and partner offices, compile all the information and present it to you in a single easily comprehendible format. Best of all, we extend this service at an extremely nominal cost and save you significant effort, time and money.

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